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EU law and sport

EU law and sport

1st Annual Conference on EU Law - Competition and Sport

International conference

24 - 25 May 2024

Venue: H-1088 Budapest, Szentkirályi u. 28. - Great Hall




May 2024
  • 8:30 AM

    Registration and coffee

  • 9:00 AM

    Welcome addresses by László Komáromi, dean of the Law School

  • 9:15 AM

    Savvas Papasavvas (vice-president of the General Court of the EU): The expanding competence of the General Court

  • 09:45 AM

    Zoltán Csehi (judge of the EU Court of Justice): Highlights from the case law of the EU Courts

  • 10:10 AM

    Jesper Svenningsen (judge of the General Court of the EU): Challenges relating to judicial review of merger decisions

  • 10:40 AM


  • 10:50 AM

    Coffee break

  • 11:20 AM

    First panel: State Aid cases

    Chair: Tihamér Tóth (judge of the General Court of the EU, PPCU)

    Panel members: Peter Staviczky (Permanent Representation of Hungary to the EU), Tünde Gönczöl (Dentons), Wolfgang Weiß (Universität Speyer)

  • 12:50 PM

    Lunch break

  • 1:45 PM

    Second panel: The organization of professional sport events: which activities of  clubs and federations should be subject to competition rules?

    Chair: András Tóth (vice-president of the Hungarian Competition Authority)

    Panel members: Alfredos Theodorakopoulos (EU Court of Justice, référendaire), Zsigmond Nagy (president of Sportjus), András Horváth (Baker & McKenzie)

  • 3:15 PM

    Coffee break

  • 3:30 PM

    Third panel: Regulated competition in digital markets

    Chair: Pál Szilágyi

    Panel members: Pēteris Zilgalvis (judge of the General Court of the EU), András Koltay (president of the National Media and Infocommunication Authority), Pál Belényesi (Dentons)

  • 4:40 PM

    Closing remarks by Tihamér Tóth



May 2024

09:00 - 14:00

Badminton competition

Venue: Hodos Tamás Tollaslabda Csarnok, Budapest, Váci út 102.

The event is supported by Unilever Hungária Kft., and opened by Péter Kapitány, president of the Hungarian Badminton Association

This is both a social and sportive event, no professional sport skills are necessary, as badminton is a sport almost everyone can play at some level. Participants will be provided with refreshments and a light lunch.

The event will be organized and assisted by a professional club in the badminton hall of Budapest.

Participants will be grouped into three categories: beginners (players “for fun”, those who have not played badminton professionally), hobby players (who already know the rules, and play badminton in a hall from time to time), professional players (former or current members of a badminton club, with an experience of participation in badminton tournaments). Players can play both singles and doubles. We will not have a separate competition for men and women, unless we receive a sufficient number of applications for the professional category.

Following a team-building warm-up, the rules will be explained. Some rockets will be provided by the hall. Matches will be played with plastic shuttles, unless players agree otherwise and provide feather shuttles.

Participants of the conference who paid the conference fee, as well as representatives of the sponsors are welcome to participate in this social event without an additional fee.

Others may participate subject to a fee of 10.000 HUF (25 EUR). Please submit your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. detailing whether you wish to play singles, doubles, or both and in which category (beginner, hobby, professional), no later than 15 May 2024.

Supported by our Premium Sponsors

We would also like to express our special gratitude to the St. Andrea Winery supporting our event!

Hungarian case law

Starting from: 11.01.2024

Judgements of the Curia, the highest court in Hungary

Medical equipment cartel (Kfv.I.37.452/2023)

Main findings of the court:

  • In competition cases, a fine may be imposed for exceeding the time limit.
  • Even if the time limit is exceeded for a short period of time, the applicants may still have the opportunity to prove additional harm, which must be assessed in the context of the amount of the fine.
  • In order to establish the existence of a restriction by object, the sufficient degree of harm required by the case-law requires the existence of a sufficiently firm and reliable finding that the agreement of the type in question is, by its very nature, harmful to the proper functioning of competition. This does not require a detailed market impact assessment, but it does require an assessment of the content of the agreement, its objectives and its economic and legal background, in order to determine whether it can be considered to be of such a nature as to show a sufficient degree of harm to competition."

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